1. Charles Halliburton October 14, 2011

    I've known a couple or 3 like this!


    • Shawn Grigg October 29, 2011

      Funny how some people call the picture a "fake”, not withholding their 'unfounded opinion' before researching for the truth. This picture was presented yesterday on NBC News with Brian Williams. Brian said the photograph was researched and is real.
      lived buy ocean all my life
      have heard of perspective in a photo it is also part of our 3d world we live where things that are closer look bigger like the bird duh
      kind like when people say the moon is bigger lookin on the horizon because of atmosepheric magnification REALLY the moon only looks bigger cause there is something to compare it to in foreground or else everything would look bigger the farther away it was in other words the bird is in the foreground
      not fake
      your face is fake
      that kind of whale/people action happens quite often you would know this if you lived near a whale migritory path, destination point or did the research
      had it happen to me off maui surfing a shelf break
      darn thing nearlly hit us
      plus it is common for whales to swim really close
      whale breach together all the time do some research barney
      in the words of a photographer. First the birds are closer to the camera than the kayaker and 2 depending on the lense and depth of field the photo was captured on sometimes these illusions can look off. When taking a picture like this a professional will use a long range lense from far away and zoom in instead of zooming out and moving closer to the subject. *always doubters of breathtaking moments.


  2. Pam Molloy January 19, 2015

    As today is my accepting the reality of being a year older day, an injection of humor is appropriate!


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